FIDELIS RESEARCH's management is the foundation and the guarantee for the services that we provide


Chief Executive Officer

Veselin has been with FIDELIS RESEARCH since the company's founding.

Prior to that Veselin was a Senior Manager for international CRO for more than 5 years. Under his tenure, the region he was responsible for grew more than double in staff and revenue.

Veselin oversees the company's operations, growth and strategic development. He is responsible for promoting FIDELIS RESEARCH's services to Biotech, Pharma and Academic researchers. Veselin is directly involved with the company expansion in new countries, direct communication with new and existing customers and is also responsible for the overall management of finance and accounting.

Veselin was the Business Development Manager, before his promotion to General Manager. As of Jan 31, 2017 he has been elected as the company's CEO.


Country Manager, Bulgaria

Georgi joined FIDELIS RESEARCH in 2017. For the last 15 years he worked as Product & Sales Manager responsible for the main business lines of the companies he was part of. He has broader experience with direct sales and contract negotiations. Throughout the years he managed various teams working in sales and procurement area.

At FIDELIS Georgi holds the Country Manager role for Bulgaria.  He is actively involved in launching new projects and creating FIDELIS' business solutions.  Georgi leads the local team in Sofia, Bulgaria, overseeing the operational and functional departments, Project Management, Site Management and Clinical Research activities of the company. 

Georgi has negotiated contracts and has developed excellent partnerships with a number of sites and principle investigators in Bulgaria, helping accelerate FIDELIS' growth and capabilities in the country.


Country Manager, Romania

Florina joined FIDELIS RESEARCH in 2017 as a Country Manager in Romania and Human Tissue Procurement Lead.

Prior to that she was a Project Manager for a tissue procurement company for more than two years. Before stepping into the biospecimens world Florina was responsible for patient recruitment coordination in a multinational clinical research organization where she had to address a strategic market niche, namely the high need for fast patient recruitment in Phase I and II and PoC clinical trials.

Florina has created and developed from scratch a large network of partnerships (physicians, hospitals, clinics) in those two years, managing to complete studies in record time. She has conducted over 50 non-interventional studies, strengthening partnerships with high potential sites and PIs.

As а Country Manager in Romania, Florina oversees and manages of all operational and functional departments, Project Management, Site Management and Clinical Research.

In her role as a Human Tissue Procurement Lead Florina coordinates the HTP projects across FIDELIS' countries and with the company’s Business Development, providing valuable consultancy and experience.


Country Manager, Serbia and Croatia

Isidora has been FIDELIS RESEARCH's Country Manager in Serbia since 2017 and oversees the company’s growth and operations in Croatia as well.

She previously served as Country Manager for a global pharmaceutical company in Serbia. Before that, she held multiple managerial positions in both pharmaceutical and medical devices divisions within multinational pharmaceutical companies. Isidora has a great level of expertise in leading business and people in a multinational environment and in developing markets.

At FIDELIS Isidora is responsible for oversight and management of all operational and functional departments in Serbia, including Project Management, Site Management, Clinical research, as well as the professional development of the company’s operational staff. Isidora is a graduate of the Belgrade University as Master of Pharmacy.


Country Manager, Turkey

Miglena is the country manager for FIDELIS RESEARCH's team in Turkey. She joined FIDELIS from Dr. Levent Bıçakcı Law Office, a leading international law firm, where she was involved in advising of multinational pharmaceutical companies and health organizations in health sector. Miglena received her Law degree from The University of Veliko Tarnovo, graduating with high honors.

In FIDELIS' Turkey office Miglena is responsible for the oversight of the company’s operational and functional departments, managing all Project Management, Site Management and Clinical Research initiatives in the country.

Miglena grew up in a family of doctors and her personal life was always involved in helping patients and striving for increasing their quality of life. She is confident in the clinical environment and her inter-personal skills have helped her develop strong relationships with sites and PIs across Turkey.