About us

FIDELIS RESEARCH was founded by professionals with extensive international experience in the medical research field. 

Our goal is to become a single point of access for your research and development needs.

FIDELIS RESEARCH's aim is to provide integrated services to its customers, from pre-clinical to market authorization stage of product development.


Working on different human tissue procurement projects and clinical trials, FIDELIS RESEARCH has developed good relations with key opinion leaders in all of our countries of operation.


FIDELIS RESEARCH has a reputation of a trustworthy and professional partner providing flexible, high-quality and client-focused Human Tissue Procurement, Site Network and Patient Recruitment and Clinical Trial services.


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Mission & Vision

FIDELIS RESEARCH mission is to deliver “Semper constans et fidelis” services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology business by:


  • Understanding client needs
  • Communicating with all stakeholders openly and in a timely manner
  • Maintaining contemporary knowledge about human tissue and clinical trial regulations
  • Being always flexible and oriented to final goals
  • Improving the outcome for patients

* Always constant and reliable


FIDELIS RESEARCH’s vision is to provide services, in compliance with all legislative and legal requirements relevant to the business, which will be beneficial for our client’s product development, satisfy all service needs, speed up R&D timelines and bring the product faster to the patients in need.

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FIDELIS RESEARCH's management team is highly experienced in the medical research industry and is committed to providing you with a sustainably, high-quality service in the business.

FIDELIS RESEARCH believes that effective governance is realised through leadership and collaboration resulting in focused and sensible business decisions. We believe in day-to-day direct involvement in all aspects of the projects we manage.


FIDELIS RESEARCH's management is available for its clients 24/7 and 365 days during the year for all requests.

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FIDELIS RESEARCH is well-known to its clients and we are keеn to hear your feedback, so we can become better with every new project, every new case and every new day.

The main advantages FIDELIS RESEARCH is proud of are:


  • The team we have
  • The companywide "can-do" spirit
  • Our flexibility
  • The region where we do our business
  • The experienced medical professionals we work with
  • Repeat business from our clients
  • ISO 9001:2015 standard
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