Get a personal gift card if you refer Fidelis

Referral campaing extended to individuals, no need to be an active client

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Everyone can now refer Fidelis to fellow researchers to recivea gift card straight away and an additional reward for each contract that follows! 

Value of gift card is EUR 50 or USD 60 or GBP 45 - for full rules read on. 

Terms and conditions apply - please see below:

1. Subject

1.1. The following general terms and conditions regulate the participation in the referral campaign provided by Fidelis Research AD (Fidelis, the Company) on the Company’s website and in social media pages (Facebook and LinkedIn), as well as outgoing emails.

1.2. Fidelis organizes a marketing campaign, providing participants with the chance to participate without purchase necessary and without prior contractual obligations.

1.3. The purpose of the campaign is to involve the audience of the campaign to refer Fidelis to relevant third persons, who may be interested in the services provided by the Company.

1.4. Participants are free to participate or not and need not in any way be affiliated to Fidelis or currently have contractual relationships (either personal, or through their employer) with the Company.

1.5. Participants have the opportunity to take part in the campaign and receive an electronic gift-card redeemable in online marketplace that is to be agreed with participants separately vie electronic mail.

1.6. Participant can only be an adult.

1.7. The value of the received gift-card will be equivalent to EUR 50 or USD 60 or GBP 45 for each referral and EUR 200, USD 240, GBP 180 for each contract resulting from such referral (currency determined based on Participant’s place of residence).


2. Rules

2.1. In order to take part in the campaign, any user who has accessed the marketing materials produced under this campaign shall refer the Company’s services to a third person.

2.2. For the referring participant to be eligible for receipt of the gift-card, the referred party must submit an inquiry for the Company’s services, which mentions the referring participant’s name and company, and for which the Company is able to provide a quote, acknowledging in good faith the work can be performed.

2.3. The gift card is redeemable immediately upon the Company sending a budget proposal to the referred party.

2.4. In the event of Company and referred party reaching mutually acceptable agreement for Company to perform the work, the Participant is eligible for receipt of a second gift card as described in point 1.6.

2.5. This second gift card is redeemable upon start of work.

2.6. Gift cards are redeemable within 3 months of referral and date of contract respectively.

2.7. This referral campaign is not limited in time.



3. Restrictions

3.1. By taking part in this campaign, each participant agrees:

- to comply with all applicable commercial, civil and public laws;

- to send referral emails only to people that the participant knows;


3.2. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

- All disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or related to this referral campaign or any prize awarded shall be resolved under Bulgarian law. Competent jurisdiction to consider the dispute shall be the competent Bulgarian court.


4. Others

The online marketplaces that issue the gift cards under point 1 above are not sponsors of this campaign. The received gift cards can be used only in accordance to the terms and conditions of the online marketplace that issued them and Fidelis Research is not responsible for this procedure.