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Patient Support Program Services

Fidelis brings value for marketed products by organising and managing Patient Support Programmes that serve patient's needs

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FIDELIS RESEARCH offers the full set of services to ensure a successful PSP

  • PSP strategy development: we can help you with the design of your PSP based on your internal objectives and external factors.
  • Activate patients: building awareness, enrolling and engaging patients in support programmes.
  • Ensure access to prescribed medication - to both patients and professionals: obtaining treatment authorization, supporting insurance efforts, alleviating financial burden (payments support, free sampling).
  • Initiate treatment - educating patients, initial support and monitoring, including peer support.
  • Ongoing support to help patients stay on treatment and manage their condition, with the aim of improving outcomes - includes timely reminders, follow-ups, general support (in person or remote).
  • Financial coordination: handling payments throughout the PSP on behalf of Sponsors.

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